why choose foxpoint security

Safety is freedom. It is the freedom to be who we are without reservation.  When we can focus on what we can create, and not what we might lose, we are able to reach our full potential.

At FoxPoint, your goals are ours too.  Our passion is to empower the builders, the dreamers, and the helpers.  To us, you are more than a client.  We want to help keep you safe while you achieve your missions and goals. You have big plans to make this world a better place.  We want to help you get there.



  • Experience 
    FoxPoint has rich and diverse experience across many sectors.  We come from backgrounds in security, law enforcement, military, medical, technology, corporate, emergency services.
  • Ethics 
    Our team of ethical hackers finds, research, then tests physical security vulnerabilities.  We then use this knowledge to empower those around us to achieve safety, security, and confidence.
  • Confidentiality
    The security of your information is a top priority.  We know it means everything to you.  We are honored that you trust us with it.  We employ several safeguards designed to protect your information.
  • Beyond Cyber Security
    Did you know that 11% of all data theft occurs due to physical security breaches?  Before one of your sensitive devices grows legs and walks off, take a step towards total data protection by including a physical penetration test.
  • Objective Testing
    We are not associated with any security vendor.  We will never recommend products that we do not believe in. We work on our own without the help of any outside party. Our purpose is to provide objective testing.
  • Brutally Honest
    We will give you the truth about your security.  We are independent from your defensive security team, installer, or vendors. We will be brutally honest about every vulnerability that we found in your infrastructure or team. 
  • Continued Coverage
    We make ourselves available for quarterly or annual checkups.  Security is a process that should keep going. We will keep inspecting your system, sites, teams and security officers to ensure utmost security. 
  • Education Philosophy
    We can coach you on how to be constructive in educating your staff about preventing breaches. We can help you train your security officers and other stuff. You can count on us for educating your employees. 
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We are a security penetration testing service.  Upon request, we simulate attacks against physical security to help our customers locate vulnerabilities.  Our reporting empowers them to better protect what they have worked hard to build.  We are a 3rd party free from obligation to vendors or installers.  As such, we provide honest, objective, and accurate security assessments.  We will be brutally honest about your security.