What Is A

Physical Penetration test service


Installers, vendors, and security services can only tell you what they can do to protect you, but rarely understand where the gaps in coverage are. Their job is to build your defense, not destroy it. This is defensive security, otherwise known as the Blue Team.

We engage in offensive security, or Red Teaming. We know how to find holes in your Blue Team's defense. We will stress test your security under real world conditions. We discover your most likely threats, then exploit the same vulnerabilities they would to gain realistic knowledge about your vulnerabilities. This provides the most honest and realistic portrait of what a real attack would look like. We will show you how they can access your facility, and what damage they can do once they are inside. 

The value in pentesting is when Red and Blue come together. We provide all data from the test to your security team. We list the vulnerabilities in detail, and then make recommendations on how to fix them. Armed with this knowledge, your security team can make changes and gain understanding in order to better protect your property, people, and data.

All testing is done at your request, and under limitations and a scope that you define ahead of time. You are ultimately in control. While we are on site, we require communication be made available at all times with one of your pre-designated managers. Should any surprise or unexpected situation arise during the testing, we will immediately seek your direction.  We perform all tests according to the law. We have techniques and measures designed to reduce risks during a test. For the integrity of the test, and the best results, we attempt to stick to a real baseline environment. However, we are willing to simulate certain conditions if safety is a concern. We prioritize the safety of our team, your staff, customers, and the public in general. 

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Physical Pentest?

What about my digital network?

Tablets, laptops, and phones are easy targets to grab. No pentest is complete without a physical portion. We specialize in physical intrusion and simulated cyber attacks on your digital network to give you comprehensive results for both. We offer the best feature to ensure your security.

Your Data
is Safe with

We do focus on physical security, but the combination of digital and physical security is very important. All your data is handled in a secure manner. Your confidentiality is paramount. We believe in the utmost privacy of our clients. Your data is never given to a third party or anyone else in this matter, and will be protected while in our custody.

Will the Test 
our Work?

For the best result, tests should be performed during your normal operations. We need the scenario to be as close to the baseline as possible to understand your vulnerabilities. The test may last a couple weeks, but the on-site portion typically lasts only 3 days. This may vary depending on the size of your organization though. 

After your
test, am I

We can empower your team to minimize risk, but we can not guarantee 100% security as a result.  If anyone tells you that, they are not being honest.  True security requires constant diligence to narrow the gap. Think of it as preventative maintenance on your car, or a check-up at the doctor’s office. We can test your security from time to time to help you keep everything running smooth. At Foxpoint, our trade is based around integrity.  You will always get a straight answer from us.



The reasons for wanting to be safe and secure are obvious.  Beyond that however, maybe there are other reasons?

  • You might have industry compliance you are having trouble meeting?
  • Perhaps your organization is a target of possible industrial espionage or IP theft?
  • Maybe you have an inspection coming up?
  • Do you suspect your installers or vendors did a sub-par job?
  • Is it possible to get a better insurance rate after increasing security?
  • Maybe you are losing money to a persistent threat or breach?
  • Is your employee’s union is demanding better worker safety?
  • Do you ever find that your employees are being victimized or harassed by a third party at your premises?
  • Maybe you just find yourself a frequent victim of common theft or crime?
  • Do you worry about a specific threat?